About Me

Where do I start? Well, I joind the Army in 1977 to repair radar equipment which started my career in repairing electronics. I've been an Apple user since 1989 when I bought a used powerbook 100 and was amazed at the ease of use compared to the typical PC. Eventually the powerbook broke so without a thought on if I could repair it, I took it apart and fixed it in a matter of hours (I guess I'm a natural) so I started to repair them for fun. Well fun as you can see turned into a busy part time business.

Remember the Apple Newton? If not it came out in 1993, it was a handheld device like to the Palm Pilot but had a bigger screen and actually recognized your hand writing and converted it into text as opposed to learning Graffitti (a shorthand writing Palm used). I bought one for my videography business (one of many businesses that I've owned) for scheduling. I later found that there was a market for used ones. That was when I started my first online (when the web was just starting to boom) business called The PDA Connection in which I repaired and sold Apple Newtons.

I became a Newton guru spending countless hours fixing and modifying them. Even after it was discontinued in 1998 my business was still going strong, but when the iPod came out in 2001, I instantly fell in love with it! Imagine a music player the size of a deck of cards and holding a thousand songs! I immediately took it apart (can't help myself) and found my new online business. Which has grown to include most Apple products now.

On another note, I also do what I love most and that is graphic design. As former graphic artist for the Berlin Reporter and an artist (oil painting) since the age of 10. I decided to start my own graphic design business in 2009 called Think Different Design. www.thinkdifferentdesign.com.

In 2007 I was asked to be a graphic artist for a new newspaper venture called The Outdoor Gazette www.theoutdoorgazette.com which I still do to this day. I am the former president and owner of the NH Monte Carlo Club being a proud owner of the last of the full framed muscle cars, an 1986 Monte Carlo SS.

I am the president and Apple Liaison of the local White Mountain Apple User Group, visit us at www.wmaug.com. I also created a service company called Trail Angels Hiker Services, www.trailangelshikerservices.com in August of 2010, which services hikers in the White Mountains of NH and Mahoosucs in Maine.

I hope you found this interesting and I appreciate your reading this to find out about me and welcome your business. Feel free to email me any time.